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The Sea Socket is ideal for women lugging in the boat after a day on the water, just borrow my boyfriend’s cordless drill and we were away laughing!! Super Easy and Effective!

Emma, 23

I've got a stuffed shoulder and wasn't using the boat, saw the Sea Socket Winch, already had the 18V battery drill so gave it a go. Works great no need for expensive winch and cable’s.

Bruce, 56

Amazing stocking stuffer, have a family full of tradies and have finally found a useful, cost effective gift!

Pippa, 36

Great tool, perfect for my jetski!! With just a SEA SOCKET and a household drill the jetski is out of the water in seconds.

Jamie, 26

Due unforeseen events, easterly winds, then the lockdowns I have only just got out in the boat today (first time since end of January) and gave the sea socket a whirl when we got back in. It worked a treat. Too easy. I think this would have to rate as one the best inventions for boating ever.

I am 72 and have had medical issues and surgeries. I was starting to find that last metre of winding a chore if I didn’t have younger fitter family members with me that could do the hard bit for me.

With other boats I’ve owned I’ve had electric winches. The good ones cost over a grand and clutches wear out plus it’s not practical to have several vehicles wired. I use boat tractor or a variety of cars and utes. A drill is potable.

I am looking forward to putting the sea socket to good use in the future and I shall certainly be spreading the word.

Phillip, 72